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arrow Mangú is a popular dish, boiled and mashed green plantains, accompanied by egg, fried cheese, rice, red kidney beans and meat.

arrow Tostones – mashed and friend green plantains

arrow Locrio de pollo – rice with Domincan-style chicken

arrow Sancocho (stew) accompanied by avocados

arrow Delicious coconut juice

arrow Exquisite deserts – grated coconut, sweet beans, sour milk dessert, orange sweets, papaya and pineapple desert, guava and cashew paste in syrup.

arrow Tropical fruit juice – passion fruit, guava, pineapple, orange, strawberry, mango, mandarin and papaya juice with milk.



arrow When is the best time to arrive?
As the 4 star resort is located in the Dominican Republic guests can expect fantastic Caribbean weather – all year round sun. Durring the summer temperatures range from anywhere between 24 C - 32 C.  In the winter temperatures hover around 19 C - 26 C

arrow Is there a hurricane risk?
The area is well protected by the combination of land and mountains to the south and the counter-clockwise rotation of hurricanes which prevent the occurrence of strong winds and waves in this part of the Caribbean.  No significant property damage has occurred here since the recording of statistics began in the 1950s

arrow When can guests check in?
Baoba Beach Vacations offers 24 hour check-in.  However standard check-in time is at 14:00.

arrow When is check-out?
Guests are required to check out of their luxury accommodation in the Dominican Republic at 11:00.

arrow What is the resort’s price policy with respect to children?
Baba Beach Vacation resort accepts children up to 8 years old at no extra cost.

arrow Are cots available?
We have cots available to guests.

arrow Which plugs are used in the Dominican Republic?
Electric 110 volts plugs are used in the beach accommodation apartments since the Domincan Republic uses the same plugs as in the United States and Canada so European and South American visitors may need to bring a power adaptor.

arrow What is the official language of the Dominican Republic?
Spanish is the official language spoken on the island however English is also spoken and is catching up with Spanish.  Most people know basic English and are very friendly and helpful.

arrow Is the capital worth visiting?
Santo Domingo was the first city founded in the Americas and was named the American City of Culture in 2010.  The Ciudad Colonial is a cultural heritage site.  Santo Domingo has among the best food and most active nightlife in the Caribbean.

arrow Is crime a problem?
The Dominican Republic continues to be one of the countries with the lowest crime rate in the region.  However complacency is not recommended, it is always important to take precautions just as you would in any large city.

arrow What is the typical food?
Dominican food has an excellent reputation for varied and flavourful food which is unique and delicious. 

arrow What is the international area code?
There are three area codes.  Most telephones use 809 while others may use 820 or 849.

arrow What are entry requirements?
Citizens and residents of the United States, Canada and the majority of European countries can enter the country with a 30 day tourist card which can be bought when entering the Dominican Republic. Your stay can be extended paying an additional fee.

arrow What are tipping customs?
Restaurant bills already include a ten percent tip.  As in the United States it is customary to give an additional ten percent for good service.  Generally people don’t tip taxis.

arrow What are smoking restrictions?
The same restrictions apply as in the United States; smoking is not permitted in restaurants and clubs.

arrow Do we need to vaccinate ourselves?
You will not need any vaccinations outside of those normally required for Europe and North America.

arrow Is it easy to travel around?
There is a large network of roads connecting towns and tourist sites around the Dominican Republic and it is recommended to travel around this beautiful island.

arrow Are taxis easily found?
Taxis can be found at airports and hotels.  Telephone directories list company telephone numbers.  They are a safe and reliable way of travel. 

arrow Can I use my mobile phone?
If it is GSM, yes.  You will have to have it activated to work in the Dominican Republic.

arrow Is there internet and phone access on site?
Yes, internet and phone access are available.

arrow Does Baoba Beach Vacations offer maintenance and rental services?
Maintenance service is available should there be any problems with your luxury beach accommodation during your sojourn in the Dominican Republic.

arrow What is the currency?
The local currency is the Dominican peso.  Dollars and euros can be exchanged in banks and
authorized exchange offices across the country. Notwithstanding this, many transactions are denominated in US$

arrow When are banks open?
Banks are open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

arrow Is it easy to rent a car?
Various companies including Avis, Hertz, National, Alamo and Thrifty offer car rental services at the main airports.


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